Sun Kong Holdings Limited is principally engaged in sale of diesel oil in Hong Kong. Our sale services include sourcing diesel oil through oil trading companies, dispatching our fleet of diesel tank wagons to collect diesel oil from oil depots designated by our suppliers, and eventually delivering diesel oil to destinations designated by our customers.

Over the years, with the support of our experienced management team, we have become an established diesel oil provider focusing on the logistics sector in Hong Kong. We are able to develop an in depth understanding and industry knowhow in the industry regarding our customers’ demand and requirements to fulfill their daily business needs. Therefore, we are also able to customise our services to suit their business needs by recommending the delivery schedule and required amount of diesel oil to be used for their business activities and providing guidance on safety precautions and environmental protection.

According to the CIC Report, we ranked second with a market share of approximately 10.5% in terms of the total revenue generated from the sale of diesel through diesel distributors for industrial and transportation in 2017 in Hong Kong.